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FOCUS NETWORK INTERNATIONAL provides Manpower and Training Solutions for all sectors of the Marine and Cruise ship industries on a global basis.
  Global Affiliates

Focus Network International Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company specialising in the supply of highly skilled and qualified professional manpower to the Maritime / Offshore Oil & Gas industry sectors.

The company has access to a global network of qualified Maritime manpower from specialist Officer Class to Ratings provision and is an approved manpower supplier to leading international shipping companies and organizations. 

Focus supplies Crew for Tankers, AHTS, Tug Boat, Work Boat, Fishing Boat, Container ships, Bulk Carriers, cargo ships, Supply vessels and Offshore construction projects & Rig.

The company specialises in the supply of experienced Maritime and Offshore crew both Officers and Ratings (all Ranks) from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Ghana, Europe/Eastern Europe.  The Crew are qualified in accordance to IMO - STCW'95 and Employer Manning Criteria and hold all necessary Certificates / current Medical Certificate.

Focus also provides full Crew management support and Crew ground handling services.  The company currently holds marketing consultancy appointments to leading Maritime / Offshore Training providers. Focus can also facilitate access to the latest AHTS training simulation courses in Singapore and has developed Basic Maritime Working English Courses delivered by native English speaking teachers.

Focus has established an affiliate company in Malaysia - FOCUS GLOBAL GROUP (M) SDB BHD – based in Kuching. The company provides a strategic link for the supply of experienced manpower into and from the Region for the Maritime Offshore Oil and Gas Industry.

Focus is a Member of the Maritime Offshore Oil & Gas Association (MOOGAS) Singapore.

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